Order Take & Bake

Introducing Juliana’s® Take & Bake, the pizza world’s first fresh, premium-branded, par-baked pies available for pick-up at Juliana's or delivery to your doorstep from FreshDirect® and ready to eat after just 5 minutes in your oven. 

  • Choose from four of our most popular pies: Margherita, Pepperoni, White and the Special No. 1 
  • 100% hand-stretched and topped at our flagship Brooklyn restaurant 
  • Baked to near completion in our 800˚ F coal-fired oven 
  • Quick-chilled and packaged fresh—never frozen
  • Able to be refrigerated for up to ten days
  • Heat, slice, serve and imagine you’re dining under the Brooklyn Bridge! 

When you can’t to get to Brooklyn, we bring Brooklyn to you!  For the first time ever, fans can prepare and enjoy our award-winning pizza at home—in their own oven—and at their convenience!

  • Ensure your oven temperature has reached 500° F (oven temperatures and performance vary)
  • For best results, allow the pizza to warm up a bit after removing from the refrigerator
  • Be sure to remove all packaging
  • Place the pizza on the middle rack of your oven using a pizza peel, large spatula or slide it directly from the corrugated paper circle it came on
  • Bake for approximately five minutes (adjusting for oven temperatures)
  • Extend the baking time slightly for a crispier pie or turn your oven setting to broil for one minute for well-done
  • No peel or serving tray available when removing the pizza from the oven?
    • Save the corrugated circle from the packaging
    • Slide the pie out of the oven and onto the corrugated circle (or use a cutting board if available) with tongs, a large spatula or an oven mitt
  • Consider placing a pan on the floor of your oven to catch occasional drippings from the pie.

Our Take & Bake pies are made individually and completely by hand, one at a time by a team of skilled pizzaioli. They are carefully baked in our coal-fired oven and then quick-chilled and packaged for your pleasure. As with any handmade item, they are not identical to one anothereach has its own personality. Some may not be perfectly round or may have bubbles. Some may have more cheese or tomato on one side or the other. Others might have more or less char on the bottom or around the edges. This is exactly how they are prepared, served and enjoyed in our "home" under the Brooklyn Bridge. From our home to yours, we hope you enjoy our new Take & Bake pizza!