Our mozzarella is made fresh to our specifications, right here in Brooklyn, with pasteurized cow’s milk.  Our mozzarella contains no rennet.  Instead, we use a certified vegetarian coagulant.

Regrettably, we do not offer gluten-free pizza.

While none of our menu items are certified vegan or vegetarian, there are several choices one could make to avoid animal and dairy products:  our lentil soup, each of our salads our Marinara pizza and our pasta puttanesca are all animal- and dairy-free.

We use Anthracite coal, also known as “hard” or “clean” coal.  Unlike Bituminous coal, its environmentally unfriendly cousin, which is often used to fuel electric power plants, Anthracite coal is extremely dense, high in carbon, low in sulfur and nitrogen and the most energy-efficient fossil fuel available today.

We are open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are temporarily providing delivery services to our neighbors in Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo.  We do not provide catering services.

We are unable to accommodate private parties nor do we accept reservations.  However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, at certain times we are providing the opportunity to add your name and party size to our "waitlist" (see visit our Home page).  Please note we seat complete parties only upon arrival. 

Yes, we serve both wine and beer and sometimes hard cider.

When we are particularly busy, our coal-fired oven is working at capacity and we are sometimes unable to fulfill the variable demand for take-away pizza without creating long waits for our dine-in guests.  For that reason, we have to stage take-out orders over time, which can result in long waits for our to-go customers.

To function properly, a coal fire needs to be “stoked” from time-to-time in order to maintain or replenish its intense heat.  The stoking process includes adding fresh coal to the fire bed and/or clearing away any excess ash from the underlying grate in order to promote more robust airflow. 

When you hear a loud bell ringing, it’s time for stoking.  Each day we take our last order at 3:15pm and from approximately 3:30pm to 4:00pm we stoke our coal oven and are unable to bake or serve pizza.  We are also closed to new guests during this period in order to affect a shift change in our wait staff and to restock and replenish our pizza preparation station.  We do our best to reopen promptly at 4pm. 

A “Brookie” is a cross between a brownie and a cookie.  It is a decadent, chocolate/chocolate chip dessert.  When we sandwich a scoop of ice cream between two Brookies, they become a “Brookie Bridge.”

Our signature pie is our Classic Margherita:  DOP San Marzano tomatoes, fresh locally-made mozzarella and fresh basil.

Patsy’s:  Margherita with scamorza.  Frank:  with sausage.

Sure!  Just ask…

Very hot:   ~850° F or about 450° C. 

We have a selection of a staff uniforms and other apparel (tee-shirts, baseball caps and aprons) available at the front counter and via email:  merchandise@julianaspizza.com.  Photos of items available for purchase are shown under Gallery.

Gift cards are available in any denomination at the front counter or by emailing us at:  merchandise@julianaspizza.com.

There is none.  See “About” for the background story…

We only sell whole pies, made fresh to order.

We accept all major cards.

Many years ago Patsy Grimaldi developed the concept of pizza in a bag versus a box because he felt that a pizza takes on the flavor of the box within which is placed (i.e., the pizza tastes like cardboard); so we use a modified “bakery” or “bread” bag with a rigid insert that resists absorption of the packaging material resulting in a pure taste.

Our Pistachio ice cream (from The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory) may contain traces of peanuts, egg and cereals containing gluten.

Yes! We have partnered with LAZ Parking at Panorama located at 25-30 Columbia Heights Brooklyn, NY 11201 to provide our guests with a parking discount. Click here for more information.

We will gladly refund to your original payment method if you cancel your order before it is made. We do not provide refunds after the order is fulfilled and your food is ready.